Look ma, we’re famous!

July 22, 2009

OK, nothing new *really*, but The Grauniad has just published one of its lovely web-based maps, this time of top places to ride in the UK (linky pinched from the Muddy Moles).

A there-and-back route from Dorking / Westcott is included, taking in Summer Lightning (true to historical Guardian tradition, this is spelled Summer Lightening – we feel blessed!) and BKB, and mentioning the Peaslake Deli’s magnificent cheese straws and tea.

While the cuppas come in for praise, the cheese straws are merely mentioned, which is a shame bearing in mind their addictive qualities. As someone once said, the heroin’s in the last bite.

Local shops Nirvana Cycles and Head For The Hills get a mention, too.

Well worth having a rummage ’round the Google Maps – based page, although there don’t appear to be actual route maps, so this is really a bit more of a list of great places to ride. That said, there’s some truly inspiring stuff in there.


Quick weather report for the 6th July

July 6, 2009

Well, after a week and a bit of super toasty weather and a (very) few light showers, it clattered down today. Good news is that it’s been a few very heavy showers, rather than torrential rain. This will give all that loose sand on the trails a chance to bed down, rather than simply being washed away.

There’ll be a bit of trail building tonight up on Parklife on Holmbury Hill – if you’ve ridden there recently, you should have seen a number of small but crucial improvements, so hopefully they’ll not have been washed away by now.