BKB – new section now open

Thanks to Mark Beaumont’s handy chainsaw skills, the new section at the end of BKB was opened and the old section closed in a couple of hours flat last Thursday. There’s been no big announcement, partly because thousands (OK, well, hundreds) of riders going and playing on the trail at the same time might not be ideal. Suffice to say, you’ll find that the new section’s now wide open. This has been a big effort from Hurtwood Control, the Volunteers, Surrey Hills AONB, Mei Black at Extreme Tracks, Ian Warby at CTC and various other helpers, trail builders and general keen people over several years. It’s not just a case of digging a trail, although Mei and Ian have done a fantastic job of that; this new section is a new one for us and the Surrey Hills – a professionally built trail paid for with development money.
Anyway, let us (or more importantly, Hurtwood Control) know what you think. If you really like it, and haven’t done so before, don’t forget to become a Friend of the Hurtwood – it’s a five minute job to sign up, and you’ll be supporting a great charity that cares about access for all.


Many thanks to Russel Alford for the pic.


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