I told you those rabbits had big, dangerous teeth

I told you those rabbits had big, dangerous teeth

Originally uploaded by bent udder

Sadly, one of the original Summer Lightning signposts was a victim of the fencing work the other week. The contractors agreed to remove it for us so we could put it back in to show the new trail, but it was too rotten to come out in one go.

I was quite surprised that after only a few years the posts – which are made of pressure treated timber – had got that rotten all the way through to the core. This means that any future signposting might have to be rethought; there are plenty of landowners and organisations that are looking to use similar wooden finger posts around here, and it may be that this version simply isn’t going to last long enough. From memory, the posts for Summer Lightning cost an awful lot of money – enough for several years’ BTCV insurance, for example.

On the positive side of things, this post was in by far the wettest position, and thankfully the others all seem to be holding up well.


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