Unsanctioned Building On Holmbury Hill.

Over the last couple of years many MTB riders local to Holmbury/Peaslake have been working very hard to paint us riders in a good light to the Hurtwood control. This culminated in the Hurtwood control taking a very open minded view of us and allowing sanctioned trailbuilding/maintenance.

The most high profile and obvious advantage of this is that funding was obtained to rebuild the bottom section of the trail known as BarryKnowsBest.

Back in the autumn approx 500 metres of fresh trail was built by a trailbuilding contractor. This has been mainly greeted as a very good thing, and is ridden by A LOT of riders, and even the local residents are in favour of the ‘management’ of a few MTB trails.

This weekend someone decided to build two large jumps on this new section of trail. Whoever it was has dug a VERY large pit, and buried quite a few logs on the fastest part of the trail after a bermed corner. A local resident witnessed the jump/s being built and is absolutely fuming about MTB riders wielding spades and pick axes in the forest in an unsanctioned way.

The jumps have been removed and a build day will have to arranged to ‘tidy-up’ the aftermath.

This is an incredibly selfish act from certain individuals showing no consideration for other trail users on the busiest trail in the Surrey hills. It has also damaged the new section of  trail that as mentioned before has been funded with the help of the Surrey hills AONB.

If you know who did this please ask them to not do it again.


4 Responses to Unsanctioned Building On Holmbury Hill.

  1. […] by hurtwoodtrails on April 26, 2010 Following the recent damage caused by unsanctioned trail building on the new section of BKB, Hurtwood and Redlands Trail volunteers spent a morning reparing the […]

  2. wa says:

    I rode it a few weeks back and that really is a sweet new section of trail – nice work Redlands team.

    But … perhaps those jumps could’ve been incorporated as an alternative line – they do look fun. 🙂

  3. I ride this alot during non-peek times due to my job, (IE weekdays) i think this would be the most likely time to start digging, also being a photographer i always have some sort of camera with me so i spot the little buggers ill be sure to get them on film!! but i also agree with WA, maybe a few jumps on the trail could be fun, there is a good spot just after the first large berm before the steep decent? just an idea.

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