Summer Lightning Tree Harvesting…

Forestry has begun work on tree felling the first sections of forest that Summer Lightning runs through. So please be aware that this work is ongoing and to respect any cordons set up while this work continues.

It does have to be said that Forestry Enterprise made no  mention of this harvesting being carried out when we last spoke to them.

Like the Daily Mash Motto: “It’s news to us.”


8 Responses to Summer Lightning Tree Harvesting…

  1. Adam says:

    I caught some of this on Saturday just gone.

    At least one sign I saw said work was ongoing Monday to Friday, but not at weekends.

    Irrespective, no point attempting to head down Summer Lightning, unless you have tractor wheels!

  2. Bob says:

    Its a mess alright, I just hope they will clean up after themselves .

    It’s a shame. Just as the weather is improving, bad timing.

  3. TCTC says:

    I went down it on Saturday 12th and the track was firm and perfectly rideable with none of the chopped trees on the track but it is very different without the trees around it and not really in a good way.

  4. nigel says:

    While I prefer the old trail with tree cover, the upper section is definitely faster, much better visibility and firmer ground.

    Looking at the positive, I think the whole trail may be safer for two way traffic, whereas in peak months I have always avoided climbing on the trail even though its a fantastic uphill climb.

    it is worrying that there was no consultation, it makes you wonder why?

  5. Adam says:

    Been several times since first post above. All in pretty good shape now. Getting well used to the top section without trees. Definitely getting faster.

  6. jonlinscott says:

    […] making good time so headed back across the valley to Westcott and followed the Greensands Way to Summer Lightning. This is an excellent piece of singletrack and tremendous fun, even on your own as I was. From […]

  7. jameshagen says:

    Lack of tree’s has ruined summer lightning, the only official piece of singletrack the forestry allow on leith and they cant even leave that alone. All sense of speed has been lost and now just feels like zig-zagging pointlessly through a feild.

    • MKLH says:

      Unfortunately, like a lot of the Surrey hills, it is a working forest and this type of tree harvesting is inevitable.

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